Dao Yuan Schule für Qigong. Traditionelles Qigong von Großmeister Guo Bingsen mit seiner Nachfolgerin Edith GubaDao Yuan Schule für Qigong, gegründet von Guo Bingsen und Edith Guba

 Dao Yuan Schule für Qigong | Dao Yuan School for Qigong


Traditional Qigong for our modern times

Courses and training in Qigong from Daoist and Buddhist tradition with Edith Guba, the master disciple and successor of the Chinese Qigong grandmaster Guo Bingsen

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Edith Guba, die Leiterin der Dao Yuan Schule für QigongGuo Bingsen, der chinesische Qigong-Großmeister, hat zusammen mit Edith Guba, seiner Meisterschülerin, die Dao Yuan Schule gegründet.

Over 20 years ago the Chinese Qigong Grand Master Guo Bingsen and his student Edith Guba founded the Dao Yuan School for Qigong, their joint project.
Their goal is to enable interested people to learn traditional Chinese Qigong from the basis to the higher levels in a clearly structured training program. From the very beginning Nei Jing Gong and Fan Teng Gong were at the centre of the teaching: the latter for the care of one's own life force, Nei Jing Gong as the energetic centre of the entire training. Nei Jing Gong can lead in its three steps up to the mastery in Qigong.
These two systems are complemented by a large number of high-quality exercises.
The courses of the Dao Yuan School are open to all ~ Upon request, you will receive individual advice on questions related to Qigong ~ suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

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Events in Melbourne, Australia:

17-19 May 2019, AACMAC 2019 Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference | Pullman Melbourne on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia: Edith Guba, Chinese philosophy, the bond between the theories of Chinese medicine and Qigong https://www.aacmac.org.au/speakers/ and https://www.aacmac.org.au/topics/

May 22nd, 2019, 5:30 pm | QIGONG: #exercise #experience #perceive | Get to know Qigong . An evening for everyone . | With Edith Guba, Dao Yuan School for Qigong | Venue: Bargoonga Nganjin Bagung Magali/Waa-Community Room , North Fitzroy Library ~ More information can be found here (pdf).

On this page you will be informed when and how things will continue. In the meantime, here are some links:

Here you will find a small brochure with information also about the Dao Yuan Nei Jing Gong. Nei Jing Gong is a qigong that can develop various abilities to transmit qi over rather long distances.

→ Here you can find the text of Edith Guba's presentation at the AACMAC Congress 2019 in Melbourne.                                   

Report of a cancer operated student and some photos

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Master Guo Bingsen has been teaching in Europe since 1987. The largest - and also the most important part of his teaching, Nei Jing Gong 3 - he taught only within the framework of the Dao Yuan School. Since its foundation, the students of this school have had the opportunity to benefit from all his knowledge and skills.

He has appointed Edith Guba, who has been his disciple and close collaborator for over 20 years, as his successor. Edith Guba received extensive training in all the QiGong forms that are teached at the Dao Yuan school and has been co-directing the school since its beginnings. She participated in most of his teachings as a translator, and invited Master Guo Bingsen to Germany.

Today, they continue their collaboration and are still in regular contact to discuss further school development.

"The old Chinese culture was a 'Qi culture', which did not separate rational cognition and philosophical thinking from the experiences made possible by working with Qi (Qigong). This resulted in a remarkable and very fruitful synthesis of external and internal contemplation. Traditional Chinese Qigong is profound and not always easy to understand. Nevertheless, modern Western people can also benefit from its advantages. In order to preserve the 'hidden qualities' of the Nei Jing Gong, for example, the teaching authorization for this Qigong brought to the West by Master Guo Bingsen is given only by himself and by his Master exclusively for teaching within the framework of the Dao Yuan School of Qigong. For Fan Teng Gong and other exercises taught at the Dao Yuan School for the development of inner Qi, there are similar regulations for quality assurance. We hope to lay a foundation for these classical Qigong forms in the West, which have been handed down in China for a long time, so that their quality can also be maintained and developed for future generations. »

Guo Bingsen and Edith Guba

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Traditional Qigong forms serve the cultivation of body and mind, as well as the activation of the self-healing powers. They do not replace diagnosis and treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. These pages provide you with extensive information that does not claim to be general, but gives you an opportunity to get to know the perspective of the Dao Yuan School of Qigong.


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